Peer reviewed artikelen 2016

In 2016 verschenen peer reviewed artikelen van KWR-auteurs.

Waterkwaliteit en gezondheid 

Determination of phosphodiesterase type V inhibitors in wastewater by direct injection followed by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry

Auteur(s): Causanilles A, Emke E, De Voogt P.
In: Science of the Total Environment 565(2016), p.140-147 

Towards validation of the NanoDUFLOW nanoparticle fate model for the river Dommel, The Netherlands

Auteur(s): de Klein JJM, Quik JTK, Bauerlein PS, Koelmans AA.
In: Environmental Science: Nano (2016) 

Comparison of Particle-Associated Bacteria from a Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Distribution Reservoirs with Different Water Sources

Auteur(s): Liu G, Ling FQ, van der Mark EJ, Zhang XD, Knezev A, Verberk JQJC, et al.
In: Scientific Reports (2016)6, art. No. 20367 Open Access

A method for the determination of fullerenes in soil and sediment matrices using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with heated electrospray quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry

Auteur(s): Carboni A, Helmus R, Parsons JR, Kalbitz K, de Voogt P.
In: Journal of Chromatography A 1433(2016)123-130


Data-driven prioritization of chemicals for various water types using suspect screening LC-HRMS

Auteur(s): Sjerps RMA, Vughs D, van Leerdam JA, ter Laak TL, van Wezel AP.
In: Water Research 93(2016)254-64

Modelling the transport of engineered metallic nanoparticles in the river Rhine

Auteur(s): Markus AA, Parsons JR, Roex EWM, de Voogt P, Laane RWPM.
In: Water Research 91(2016), p.214-224 

The challenges of water, waste and climate change in cities

Auteur(s): Koop SHA, van Leeuwen CJ.
In: Environ Dev Sustain (2016) 

Watersystemen en technologie 

Reactive transport impacts on recovered freshwater quality during multiple partially penetrating wells (MPPW-)ASR in a brackish heterogeneous aquifer

Auteur(s): Zuurbier KG, Hartog N, Stuyfzand PJ.
In: Applied Geochemistry (2016) DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2016.05.013

Automated feature recognition in CFPD analysees of DMA or supply area flow data + Supplement

Auteur(s): van Thienen P, Vertommen I.
In: Journal of Hydroinformatics 18(2015)3, p.514-530 

Adaptation of sulfate-reducing bacteria to sulfide exposure

Auteur(s): van den Brand TPH, Roest K, Chen G, Brdjanovic D, van Loosdrecht MCM.
In: Environmental Engineering Science 33(2016)4, p.242-249 

Testing the robustness of two water distribution system layouts under changing drinking water demand

Auteur(s): Agudelo-Vera C, Blokker EJM, Vreeburg J, Vogelaar H, Hillegers S, van der Hoek JP.
In: Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (2016) DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000658 

Relating water quality and age in drinking water distribution systems using self-organising maps

Auteur(s): Blokker EJM, Furnass WR, Machell J, Mounce SR, Schaap PG, Boxall JB.
In: Environments 3(2016)10 

How subsurface water technologies (SWT) can provide robust, effective and cost-efficient solutions for freshwater management in coastal zones (Open Access)

Auteur(s): Zuurbier KG, Raat KJ, Paalman M, Oosterhof AT, Stuyfzand PJ.
In: Water Resource Manage (2016) DOI: 10.1007/s11269-016-1294-x

Determination of Reaction Rate Constants in a Collimated Beam Setup: The Effect of Water Quality and Water Depth

Auteur(s): Hofman-Caris CHM, Harmsen DJH, Wols BA, Beerendonk EF, Keltjens LLM.
In: Ozone: Science and Engineering 37(2015)2, p.134-142

Quantifying the robustness of optimal reservoir operation for the Xinanjiang-Fuchunjiang reservoir cascade

Auteur(s): Vonk E, Xu YP, Booij MJ, Augustijn DCM.
In: Water Science & Technology: Water Supply 16(2016)1, p.79-85  

The use of salinity contrast for density difference compensation to improve the thermal recovery efficiency in high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage systems

Auteur(s): van Lopik JH, Hartog N, Zaadnoordijk WJ.
In: Hydrogeology Journal (2016) 

Contributions of homogeneous, heterogeneous and biological iron(II) oxidation in aeration and rapid sand filtration (RSF) in field sites

Auteur(s): van Beek CGEM, Dusseldorp J, Joris K, Huysman K, Leijssen H, Schoonenberg Kegel F, de Vet WWJM, van de Wetering S, Hofs B.
In: Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology – AQUA (2015)
DOI: 10.2166/aqua.2015.059

Effects of root mat buoyancy and heterogeneity on floating fen hydrology

Auteur(s): Stofberg SF, van Engelen J, Witte JPM, van der Zee SEATM.
In: Ecohydrology (2015)

Removal of aqueous nC60 fullerene from water by low pressure membrane filtration

Auteur(s): Floris R, Nijmeijer K, Cornelissen ER.
In: Water Research 91(2015), p.115-125 

Design aspects of UV/H2O2 reactors

Auteur(s): Wols BA, Harmsen DJH, van Remmen T, Beerendonk EF, Hofman-Caris CHM.
In: Chemical Engineering Science 137(2015), p.712-721 

Hydrogel-coated feed spacers in two-phase flow cleaning in spiral wound membrane elements: A novel platform for eco-friendly biofouling mitigation

Auteur(s): Wibisono Y, Yandi W, Golabi M, Nugraha R, Cornelissen Emile R, Kemperman AJB, et al.
In: Water Research 71(2015), p.171-186 


The dynamics of the European water research network: A diversifying community with a stable core

Auteur(s): Heringa PW, Hessels LK, Van Der Zouwen M.
In: Water Policy 18(2016)2, p.493-512 

Public willingness to pay for alternative management regimes of remote marine protected areas in the North Sea

Auteur(s): Brouwer R, Brouwer S, Eleveld MA, Verbraak M, Wagtendonk AJ, van der Woerd HJ.
In: Marine Policy 68(2016), p.195-204 



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