[Column] Global Challenges We Face and the Need for International Collaboration
Over the past few decades, the water industry has undergone drastic change. This change, being experienced in many parts of the world right now, can be divided into two categories. One is structural change, and the other is unpredictable discontinuous change.


[Column] Toegepast onderzoek in drie rollen
Als toegepast wetenschapper heb je tegenwoordig al gauw drie verschillende rollen. Je moet excelleren en dus tellen bij je peers. Eigenlijk ben je, om in eigentijdse termen te spreken, als onderzoeker je eigen merk. Context is het theoretisch kader dat jouw onderzoek inspireert. Naast wetenschappelijke brille is voor de grote vragen teamwerk van belang, maar ook iets als wetenschappelijke integriteit. In deze complexe samenleving spelen immers veel tegenstijdige belangen. De wetenschap kan helpen waarheidsvinding te bevorderen. Het boek The Honest Broker van Roger A. Pielke Jr. is daartoe een inspirerend referentiekader.


[Column] The neglected aspects of Turkey-EU relations
When relations between Turkey and the European Union (EU) are discussed in Europe, the focus is often almost exclusively on issues such as (the lack of) democracy, media freedom, the independence of the judiciary, or the position of the Kurds. Ever since large numbers of Syrian refugees started entering the EU from Turkey this year, finding a way to better control the inflow has been added to the list.


[Column] An odd couple
Turkey and a circular economy. An odd couple, so it appears, and, to be honest, so it is. “Circular economy” is one of the new buzz words in town: in Brussels, where the European Commission is preparing an ambitious strategy paper, and in many European capitals, where policy-makers have understood that creating more jobs can be compatible with greater resource efficiency. It seems as if the drive towards a circular economy has brought together environmental activists, innovative businessmen and politicians concerned with shaping a sustainable economy for the 21st century.


[Video] Wastewater Treatment in Turkey
Nevin Sungur - Wastewater Treatment in Turkey. Towards a 100% recycling.


[Column] Water as a weapon
Joost Lagendijk - Recent developments just across the Turkish-Syrian and the Turkish-Iraqi borders have demonstrated that water in this part of the world is not just an issue that concerns engineers, environmentalists and state planning officials. Terrorists should be added to the list as well.


[Column] The growing controversy over hydropower
Joost Lagendijk - Last month, a gallery in one of the posh parts of Istanbul organized an exhibition of pictures by the socially-committed photographer, Murat Germen, dedicated to the subject of Turkey's hydroelectric power plants. Not really an everyday subject in Istanbul's booming art scene. Nor, indeed, were artistic considerations uppermost in the photographer’s mind.


[Column] Istanbul's water reservoirs at risk
Joost Lagendijk - Last summer the Turkish media were full of alarming news about the possibility that the country’s big cities, such as Istanbul, would soon be running out of drinking water. It had not rained for months and the water level in Istanbul's reservoirs for instance had dropped to a ten-year low. As it turned out, major problems were just avoided and the predicted water crisis did not occur. Last week, pro-government papers triumphantly announced that Istanbul residents had no need to worry about possible water shortages in 2015. After two months of heavy rain and snowfall, Istanbul's dams are currently filled to capacity.


[Column] Water losses and bureaucratic and political inertia
Joost Lagendijk - Non-revenue water or water losses are a huge problem in many countries around the world. According to a 2006 World Bank Discussion Paper, in some low-income countries the losses resulting from leakage, theft, poor metering and corruption represent 50-60 percent of the water supplied, while the global average is estimated to be 35 percent.


[Column] Het Nieuwe Werken
Wim van Vierssen - Kortgeleden is de nieuwbouw van KWR opgeleverd. Dat betekent dat we nu in een volgende fase zijn aanbeland en dat is de verhuizing en het inwonen van het nieuwe gebouw. Het is zover. Maar de vraag is wel wat betekent dat het? Met andere woorden, waar zijn we een paar jaar geleden aan begonnen?


[Column] Water flows, while the Turk watches it
Joost Lagendijk - After moving to Turkey in 2009, I soon realised that my appreciation of water was undergoing a fundamental change. Especially since we moved out of Istanbul to live for a period in a small village in the south-west of the country, I have been faced with two new realities about water: it is not always there and you are not supposed to drink it from the tap.


[Column] Keep on meandering
Joost Lagendijk - I suppose that people who dedicate themselves to organising and using the water cycle as optimally as possible must have a soft spot for the verb “to meander”, which refers to the action of a river as it slowly and laboriously winds its way through the landscape. The word evokes all sorts of positive associations, often linked to pre-modern times, when unpolluted rivers brought clear water down from the mountains to the valleys below, where people had the time to contemplate and enjoy the passing flows.



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